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Setup the Username and Password for your volunteer account. This will be the account credentials you use to sign-in to your account after you have been approved to volunteer. Your Username can be your Email Address but is not required to be. Your Password must be a minimum eight characters, which can include letters and numbers. Do not use any special characters in your Username or Password. If you already have an account to receive announcements from our organization, please use the same account credentials to create your volunteer account. This will avoid setting up a duplicate account in our database. By completing this registration process you acknowledge and agree that our organization may run a criminal background check as a condition to approving you to volunteer in our schools. If for any reason we do not approve you to volunteer we will notify you and provide you with details on how to correct any inaccurate information used in making our decision. If you do not wish us to perform a background check do not proceed with this registration.
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